Softball Cadet Class

Baseball Cadet Class

Classes start January 19th., Saturday @ 2:00pm   Galloway Library


Classes every Saturday unless noted otherwise 

Classes start January 15th @ 6:30 pm 

Mainland Regional HS  

Classes every Tuesday unless noted otherwisw

Equipment Needed for umpiring

Plate shoes  (New Balance, Reebox, 3N2 etc)

Base shoes  (New Balance, Reebox, 3N2 etc)

Shin guards

Cup (protection)

Chest protector



Ball Bag

Line up Card holder  Sportsmanship statement, pen/pencil


Pants ( Base (narrow leg) , Plate (wide leg) or Combo (hybrid)

Shirts Short or Long (Navy Baseball, Light Blue Softball & Black (optional baseball)

Jacket (Thermal cold season, Pull over  Navy and red stripe Baseball, Navy and light blue Softball

Hat (Navy white AC or Black white/red AC)